ABBA Cremation and Mortuary Service

Local (903) 447-2600

Toll (866) 726-5422

Dallas (214) 748-1700

Tyler (903) 595-0700

Ingram Funeral Home (903) 356-0700

ABBA Direct

For those who prefer simplicity, a private viewing prior to cremation can be arranged without a tribute service afterwards.

ABBA Memorial

A popular tribute includes a gathering with a permanent memorial urn as the center piece in place of a more traditional viewing.

ABBA Commemorative

Many families find comfort in a gathering, viewing, and memorial service prior to the cremation, followed by a committal or scattering ceremony, or home display in a permanent memorial.


The Information Sheet is used to obtain information for the death certificate and any obituary that may be written, so it is very important to complete as much information as you can.

The Authorization for Cremation and Disposition form gives us the authorization to cremate. On page 1, close to the bottom of the page, you will see the word PACEMAKERS. Please initial one of the choices that he/she DOES OR DOES NOT have a pacemaker. On page 2, at the bottom, there are signature lines. The next of kin is required to sign and give their relationship. Date the form ONLY if death has occurred.. Also, if possible, have someone witness the signature(s).

The Authorization to Embalm requires the signature of the next of kin to give us permission not to embalm. Please sign this form at the bottom where it says you refuse to give permission to embalm. Date the form ONLY if death has occurred.

Please fax these forms back to us. Our fax number is 903-356-5095.

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