ABBA Cremation and Mortuary Service

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ABBA Direct

For those who prefer simplicity, a private viewing prior to cremation can be arranged without a tribute service afterwards.

ABBA Memorial

A popular tribute includes a gathering with a permanent memorial urn as the center piece in place of a more traditional viewing.

ABBA Commemorative Option


Many times cremations occur without allowing those left behind the opportunity to share their special memories. Facing the reality of saying goodbye while viewing a loved one is not irrational; it's sound psychological practice for any person going through a significant loss.

Commermorative Option Includes

  • Complete arrangements from the comfort of your own hone
  • Professional services of licensed funeral director & staff
  • Removal from place of death (within service area)
  • All crematory fees
  • Sanitary care of loved ones
  • Alternative cremation container
  • Temporary urn (suitable for burial or scattering)
  • Shipping/presentation box for urn
  • Complete filing of all necessary paperwork (death certificate, social security, insurance, report of death, veteran's benefits)


  • Embalming, dressing and casketing of loved one
  • Oak hardwood rental casket (other caskets available)
  • Formal funeral service or commemorative reception (within service area)
  • Organization of personalized details for service or reception
  • Coordination memorial tables and display boards
  • Memorial Stationary Package (personalized register book, memorial folders, memory candle, bible bookmarker, christmas ornament, acknowledgment cards)

Additional Tribute Options

An informal viewing can also be arranged for family and close friends. These final moments can take place in our private viewing room and allows the opportunity for loved ones to say goodbye.

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